Tobacco Control Reveals The Ultimate Goal

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Global Smokefree Partnership has announced that it is supporting The Global Battle Against Tobacco, a.k.a. G-BAT.  They have released a list of "Standard Calls" to be printed on the middle-row of signature panels that people have to sign to demonstrate their support.  The list is as follows:

 1. Do NOT allow Tobacco Transnationals to promote tobacco to youth.

2. Introduce "Tobacco Control Curriculum" right from Primary Schools.

3. For a "HIV/AIDS-free world",  "tobacco-free world" is the first stepping stone.

4. We want a "Tobacco-free world".

5. Let's unite and fight against tobacco.

6. Effectively prevent marketing of tobacco to youth.

7. STOP tobacco industry advertising, promotion, and sponsorship.

8. Ban tobacco in any form.

9. Ban tobacco smoking/chewing from all movies.

10. Expose dirty tricks, lies, and manipulations of the tobacco industry.

11. We want Tobacco-Free Schools and Tobacco-Free Homes.

12. We want Tobacco-Free Workplaces and Tobacco-Free Public Places

13. Save us from secondhand smoke.

14. Smokefree environments are our birth right.

15. Smokefree environments are a basic human right

Point 4 indicates, in no uncertain terms, that they want not only the ability to walk into any building they desire and not be disturbed by the faintest smell of tobacco, but for no-one to be able to smoke - anywhere, anytime.

Point 2 is incredibly disturbing, because they are advocating outright and blatant brainwashing of children so an anti-smoking doctrine is instilled in them from day one.  The aim of this is to make children so anti-smoking that tobacco will remain prohibited through lack of demand.  This will, however, backfire. That is guaranteed. Ironically, they want to brainwash children but are demanding that Big Tobacco be prohibited from marketing to youths in point 6. This will be to effectively secure that children only hear one side, thus only believe that one side.

Point 3 is intrinsically puzzling, as it does not make any connection between HIV and smoking yet appears to be blaming the latter for the former. 

Point 10 I find interesting, because they want to expose the lies and tricks of the tobacco industry, but not of the anti-smoking industry nor the pharmaceutical industry. If they did, the whole tobacco control movement would fall flat.

The final two points are inherently wrong, and if they were indeed true then they would be campaigning for these things and be calling for a ban on cars and other pollution sources.

This list is worrying, scary, indicative of the future and reminiscent of the past. The next time someone tells you that tobacco prohibition is not on the cards, show them this list. This movement will end, it will backfire on the puritans just as it has throughout history. But that will only happen with our determination and our resistance.