We Knew It Would Happen: Calls to Ban the E-Cig

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According to the Press Association, amongst other sources, Trading Standards chiefs are calling for a ban on the e-cigarette to be sold to under-18's for fears that children could ingest "potentially lethal doses of nicotine".

Let's not beat about the bush: we all knew this day was going to come.  As usual though we must be trained in translation, because whereas we speak English the anti's speak deceit, through a cunning guise of genuine care for the public's health.  ASH, of course, are all for the ban - again, not through real concern for health but because the e-cigarette is not made by pharmaceutical companies and therefore ASH receive no money from them, unlike the makers of Nicorette and others.

A spokesman from ASH told BBC Radio 5Live: "We're not entirely sure these products are safe and that is the problem. We haven't had the tests through yet that show they are safe and that is why the regulators are worried."

The people of ASH are, by definition, incredibly stupid sneaky.  They know what they want and they know how to get it.  While admitting that the e-cigarette has not yet been shown to be safe, they are also admitting that this also means they have not been shown to be harmful.  They also neglect to mention that many people have adverse reactions to nicotine patches, but they would forget that - because a pocket full of money can make all sorts of holes in the head.

I am not advocating that e-cigarettes be available to children, but under-18's are not children, and children have an uncanny way of finding access to damn near anything they want.  A 32 year old parent could easily leave the e-cigarette on the table and the child can have access to it - but, for that matter, the same scenario could happen with alcohol, cigarettes, nicotine patches and any other substance you can think of. 

The Trading Standards chiefs, and ASH, also want the e-cigarette to carry warnings on its packet like tobacco products do.  I can't help but wonder 'why?!' What can these warnings say? "This product has not been fully proven to be safe, but don't worry, it hasn't been proven to be harmful either"?  It's actually quite amusing, for years, and to this day, these people rehash their tired mantra that smoking is the biggest preventable cause of death in the developed world, that cigarettes are the only product that, when used as intended, kill, and so forth.  So really, one would be forgiven for thinking that, well, under those circumstances, anything would be healthier than tobacco. But, alas, no - only pharmaceutical products are suitable because pharmaceutical products pay the wages of those at ASH and their respective deceitful cohorts. I would bet my bottom dollar that if GlaxoSmithKline created the e-cigarette, ASH would be shouting from the rooftops at how wonderfully safe and effective it is. 

Money, as they say, makes the world go round.  It also makes integrity fall through the floor.