More Proof The Anti-Smoking Movement Has
            Nothing to do with Health

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An unjustified blanket ban, the ostracisation of smokers in society, campaigning to ban smoking from movies and trying to stop smokers getting treatment on the NHS is not enough.  Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids, American Lung Association, American Heart Association, American Cancer Society, and the American Medical Association have issued a statement attacking Philip Morris for launching a new cigarette called 'Superslims' with a pink packet.

The above groups released a statement, viewable on Promo Magazine's website (, claiming that "Philip Morris shows contempt for women and their health by putting a pink gloss on a product that causes lung cancer and heart disease, two of the leading killers of women"

The article goes on to say "According to the statement, the pink “purse packs” will make smoking look feminine and fashionable, while the use of “slim” in the name will set up a link between smoking and weight loss—something that might appeal to young women with body-image issue."

It strikes me that the anti-smoking movements are really clutching at straws. Do they really think that women are so naive and fickle that a pretty pink packet will override their beliefs that smoking will kill? Do these groups think that women around the world will sacrifice their health for pretty packaging? My opinion is that those women who would smoke anyway will be the ones to try these new Superslims, whereas the ones who buy into the anti-smoking propaganda will not succumb to the habit regardless of what the tobacco companies do.

If I were a woman I would feel extremely insulted that these groups have such low opinions of me, not just for the comments above but also for the accusation that women will make a connection between a 'slim' cigarette and a slim waistline. Philip Morris has not, in any way, marketed these cigarettes as a weight loss aid or something that will make people lose weight.  In fact, slim cigarettes have existed for a very long time and I have yet to see any woman base them for their slim figure.  Magazines nowadays are awash with slimming tips and how to lose weight, yet I have found not one single claim that slim cigarettes are the answer.  Philip Morris have not even tried to claim that slim cigarettes contain less tobacco than regular sized and so may be healthier, in fact the product is not even released yet and the anti's are already jumping all over it.

"The American Legacy Foundation, the non-profit group behind the Truth antismoking campaigns, joined with the Susan G. Komen for the Cure organization to protest the new Virginia Slims products. The new “Purse Packs,” wrapped in pink packaging and clearly designed to appeal to young women, present a serious public health issue at a time when tobacco-related diseases kill more than 178,000 in the U.S. annually, according to the two groups. “Philip Morris’ timing of this announcement is particularly outrageous,” ALF president and CEO Cheryl Healton said in the statement. “The pink ‘Purse packs’ of cigarettes—the deadliest consumer product in the world—are an insult to the women and their families who have suffered from breast cancer.”"

I feel the biggest insult is the ALF, and the other groups, making a mockery of a woman's intelligence and integrity, not to mention them further accusing Philip Morris of deliberately trying to lure women to buy their products. I can understand that these cigarettes are aimed specifically to women, but I do not accept that any female - except particularly impressionable ones - will start smoking just because of the packet.  As I have already stated, the only women who will buy these are existing smokers or ones who were going to start anyway.  As a  woman leaving a comment on the  Promo Magazine website wrote:

"This is unbelievable. Anti-Tobacco must think women are weak and shallow. You think the first pretty thing we women see we'll oooo and ahhh over and buy it because it's cute? How DARE you.

Women everywhere should be outraged. Women are strong, resourceful, decisive and bold. And yet Anti Tobacco (or Tobacco Control) thinks we're tricked by pretty packaging. Here’s a little something you Antis should consider. We also don’t buy pretty little things with pink ribbons on them falsely claiming the money will go to fund a cure for breast cancer. Look it up for yourselves. It goes to the ACS salaries and real estate (for which they do NOT pay property taxes like the rest of us hard working people) and to their endowment funds. Do you know how much the ACS has spent since 1946 (61 YEARS) on “research”? Hint: That “research” isn’t just to “find a cure”. It’s research into how to socially manipulate smokers into quitting. How to ostracize smokers from the community. Answer: LESS THAN 7 YEARS OF THEIR SALARIES AND BENEFITS. Do you think I’ll EVER purchase ANYTHING PINK with a bow on it? Not on your life!!! So what makes you think I’ll buy a pack of cigarette just because it’s “cute”? I buy cigarettes based on flavor."

Furthermore, cigarettes are a perfectly legal product and Philip Morris retains the right to sell them in any packet they want, and to aim them at whatever person they choose. The anti-smoking movement are trying to make any unique packaging illegal - they want all cigarette packets to be plain white with nothing but the manufacturers name (and presumably the warnings) visible.  Apparently it is the bright colours that are luring people to become smokers.  Once again, the anti-smokers are incinuating that people are so stupid as to start a habit they think will kill them just because the packet is pretty. I also feel this is stating how weak their arguments are, and how thin they are wearing.  After all, if people were really believing what they were saying then it would not matter if the packets came in faux leather.  There is also the point that in many places tobacco is sold separately, like in supermarkets, and in order to see the packets one generally is at the kiosk with the intention of buying them.  Finally, people can buy cigarettes and put them in a case or homemade pack - in short, plain packs will not deter people from smoking.

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