I have noted numerous times in this book that various cancer charities, such as the American Cancer Society, fund anti-smoking studies.  To many, this would appear to be inconsequential.  It is an almost certainty that the majority of the population believe the cancer charities are wonderful organisations providing a great service to people.

That being said, though, it must be kept in mind that the cancer organisations are merely pharmaceutical industry puppets.  It is neither a surprise nor a coincidence that the cancer research institutes are only using drugs and radiotherapy to treat cancer in other words, only therapies that earn them great amounts of money.  There is no money in healthy people, only sick people.  As such, it does not pay for cancer charities to find a real cure because they will be out of work.  People with cancer make a multi-billion pound business.  In fact, all illness is a multi-billion pound business.            

A little known fact is that over the years there have been many scientists who have developed methods of curing cancer, many of them successful.  However, most of them have been persecuted or thrown in prison.  I will not go into the research of these scientists, but will give names of a few: Ryke Geerd Hamer has spent time in prison for refusing to disavow his findings and is currently living in exile despite having a 95% success rate. Raymond Rife employed the use of resonance to kill viruses and cancer cells.  His machine increased the intensity of the natural frequency of each microbe until they disintegrated from structural stress.  Critically, it did no harm to surrounding healthy tissues, unlike chemotherapy and radiotherapy, yet was rejected for conventional use. Gaston Naessens developed a treatment based on his theory that cancer is caused by the friendly microorganisms, somatids, which are ubiquitous to all cells turning unfriendly.  The formula he developed, 714X, provided nitrogen to the cancerous cells which in turn forced them to stop emitting toxic compounds, allowing the immune system to kill them.  He was prosecuted for fraud and escaped France to Canada, where he was threatened with life imprisonment but later acquitted.  Perhaps the two most important people for this section are Dr Otto Warburg and Dr Johanna Budwig.

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Chapter 16: The Cancer Research Institutes

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