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Chapter 15: The Pharmaceutical Connection

As I said in the opening of the previous chapter, most people believe that this war on smoking is for the health of the public and the result of scientific evidence.  What is becoming more and more well known, however, is that the pharmaceutical companies are very much pulling the strings on the matter for their own personal gain, and are no strangers to using trickery to sell their products.

At first the idea seems like no more than a silly conspiracy theory, but consider this: every time you walk into a pharmacy or even most shops, there is a huge display of quit-smoking products such as gum, patches or the inhaler.  Who makes these products? The pharmaceutical industry. Who buys them?  Smokers trying to quit.  Put two and two together and we get this result: the pharmaceutical industry has direct interests in people trying to stop smoking as a large percentage of those people will go and buy smoking cessation products.  Each time there is a no-smoking day, the compliant smokers will often turn to nicotine products as they now believe this is the reason why they smoke, and this turns a profit for Big Pharma. 

The anti-smoking mantra is preached everywhere, even in school to young children who will then go home and nag their parents to stop smoking.  Everywhere we turn there is something negative said about smoking, smokers are now forced to huddle outside buildings to smoke, it is not politically incorrect to shout abuse at smokers yet it is to shout abuse at obese people.  More and more smokers are becoming the outcasts of society, becoming little more than men in the gallows for the almighty public to walk by and spit on for their crimes.  All this prompts smokers to quit their habit, but the campaigns have been so successful that smokers no longer believe they have a habit, but rather an addiction and we all know an addiction requires the help of a doctor.  Compliantly the smoker wanders down to his doctor to get prescribed a nicotine replacement, or he goes to his pharmacy for the same product, but either way he is putting money in the pocket of Big Pharma.

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