The Archive contains articles published to the website between August 21, 2008 and December 21, 2009. Newer articles are on the blog.

21/08/08 Heart Attack Rates Since the Ban

22/08/08 The Chemistry of Secondhand Smoke

28/08/08 Smoking Athletes

08/09/08 The Real Pub Situation

22/10/08 Liars, Damn Liars, and Anti-Smokers

03/11/08 The Truth About The Ban

07/11/07 Smokers Banned From Fostering

07/11/08 The Overwhelming Ignorance of the Medical Community

14/11/08 …And Neither Does Secondhand Smoke

14/11/08 It’s Official, Smoking Does Not Cause Lung Cancer…

24/11/08 Like Savages, They Attack Their Own

27/11/08 Dr Ken Denson & The Truth About Smoking

01/12/08 Scottish Heart Attack Rate Increase After the Ban

03/12/08 Dr Siegel Makes Offer to Anti-Smokers

03/12/08 More Proof the Anti-Smoking Movement Has Nothing to do With Health

16/12/08 – Big Pharma, Still Lying To Us

23/12/08 Anti-Tobacco Group Encourages Violence in Children Towards Tobacco Executives

23/12/08 10 Dangerous Everyday Things in Your Home

23/12/08 Letter to the Prime Minister

11/01/09 What the Researcher Didn’t Say About Thirdhand Smoke

11/01/09 Why Should it Matter if Obama Smokes?

14/01/09 Mobile Phones “More Dangerous Than Smoking”

18/01/09 Who’s Really Lobbying Congress?

18/01/09 More Irresponsibility From the Anti-Smoking Brigade

22/01/09 TICAP Banned From EU Building

27/01/09 Smokers Need Not Apply

27/01/09 It’s Started: Outdoor Smoking Ban

07/02/09 Correspondence with Department of Health

07/02/09 Some Interesting Figures

09/02/09 Cigarette Taxes Linked to Child Care in the USA

15/02/09 Another Doctor Speaks the Truth About Smoking

15/02/09 NHS Smokefree Live Chat

08/03/09 Previous Smoking Bans

12/03/09 Clear Deceit From Researchers

15/03/09 In Memory of Gian Turci

15/03/09 G20 Summit to be Exempt from Smoking Ban

15/03/09 We Knew it Would Happen: Calls to Ban the E-cig

15/03/09 A Perfect Example of the Shortcomings of “Research”

27/03/09 Fight or Die

27/03/09 Smoker Apartheid Has Arrived

29/03/09 How the Call on E-cig Ban Highlights Anti-Smoking Agenda

03/04/09 Further Proof Nicotine is Not the Reason Smokers Smoke

03/04/09 Some Progress At Last

04/04/09 On the Count of 3, Raise Your Middle Finger to Hamish Champ

04/04/09 Environmental Tobacco Smoke Falls Well Within Safe Limit

04/04/09 A Short Piece on Liberty

20/04/09 Tobacco and Primary Medical Services Bill: Evidence Received

20/04/09 Study Attempts to Show Cotinine Levels in Non-smokers from Outdoor Smoking

27/04/09 Tobacco Control Reveals the Ultimate Goal

27/04/09 Don’t Get on the Wrong Side of the Drug Companies

27/04/09 Uh-Oh, We’re in Trouble

27/04/09 Junk Science at its Best (Worst?)

18/06/09 Again, It’s for the Children

18/06/09 Yet Another Spin for Big Pharma

19/06/09 Smoking Rates Continue to Rise

04/07/09 More People Turning to the Black Market in Canada

05/07/09 Dutch Legal Loophole

06/07/09 Let Them Die

06/07/09 Save Our Pubs and Clubs Campaign

06/07/09 UK Smoking Conference Sponsored by Big Pharma

 06/08/09 Downing Street, Squirming Again

07/08/09 More Under-the-Radar Laws

07/08/09 More NHS Lies About Nicotine

05/12/09 The WHO – Lying Again

05/12/09 Smoking Ban Vital For Youths?

05/12/09 Sense From New York?

13/12/09 Rebel With A Cause

13/12/09 Outrage Towards the WHO

13/12/09 Parents’ Effort Having Reverse Effect

21/12/09 A Mother’s Arrogance

21/12/09 Are Public Smoking Bans Necessary?

21/12/09 NYC: The City That Never Smokes