I am an independent researcher and hold a degree in Theology, a subject which increased my ability to analyse and interpret.  I have qualifications in Psychology and Sociology, both of which are relevant to the smoking debate.

I have been researching various health areas for numerous years and have studied the research on smoking for about eight of those.  This includes active smoking, passive smoking and the politics surrounding the anti-smoking movement.  My book is a culmination of all this research and the project initially started out simply as a way of correlating my investigations.

I do not work for any tobacco or medical company, and never have.  I have never received money from either of the aforementioned industries nor any related industry.  Smoke Screens: The Truth About Tobacco is a compilation of my research and an analysis of the studies and reports in question.

During the course of researching and writing, I had the priviledge of speaking with various members of the medical profession, from doctors and nurses to pathologists.  This has increased both my knowledge and ability to understand the language used in the studies, as well as hearing first-hand about smoking and its effects on health.

The book is a thoroughly objective and independent analysis.  I received no money for writing it, as such I neither owe any third party money from any revenues, nor was I under any obligation to include or omit any information in or from the book.

This website exists merely as a home for the book, for people to read any articles I host as well as any news updates regarding either the book, website, or myself. The site is completely funded from my own pocket, except where donations are made.  All donations are voluntary and are in no way, shape or form taken as bribes, favours, or any other form which may or will obligate me to write, change or omit any material.